Team Building/Problem Solving Activities are a great way to boost moral and productivity, raise levels of empathy between pupils and staff and prepare for the change and chaIMG_0668 copy_1024x768IMG_9065 copy_1024x768IMG_0811 copy_1024x768llenges ahead.

Community4rce, pulls no punches when it comes to ironing out the creases that may often exist within groups.

Team Building/Problem Solving activity sessions  are a  Exploratory, Fun and Empowering way to develop empathy, understanding and respect between people. 

Team Building/Problem Solving sessions highlight the importance of such skills as, Communication  as well as, Caring for Others, Tolerance, Taking Responsibility, Time Management, Working With Others, Conflict Management,  Leadership and so on.

Reviewing Personal and Team Performance is the key to candidates being able to successfully apply the learning from each activity to everyday life situations.

The skills learned in Team Building/Problem Solving activities are transferable to many of life’s situation and are beneficial for employment, study and relationships.







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