Mark and Rodney worked with a group of 6 of our students for sessions of 2 hours once every fortnight. These students are some of our most vulnerable and needy students. We had asked them to become involved as their group dynamics and ways of operating often proved to be very disruptive to the running of the school and detrimental to the students themselves. We wanted some specialist support in working with them to understand their own needs and the limitations they had both as individuals and as a group. The students loved the input and were enthusiastic about it from the word go. They valued the fact they had a safe and reliable forum to explore their issues. Their response to Mark and Rodney was immediate and lasted for the duration of the project. They loved the respect and trust with which they were treated. It has been hugely beneficial to the students with them displaying much greater skills at handling conflict both between themselves and with others. This has inevitably benefited the school where we now have a new seam of strategies and responses to mine.

An excellent piece of work!


Keith Bates

Assistant Headteacher

Old Buckenham High School

Abbey Road, Old Buckenham

Norfolk, NR17 1RL

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