The aim of this flexible service is to enhance your targeted students learning and development experience. By choosing our team you can be sure that your young people will get a quality service passionate about working with young people. Through our In and Outreach services Community4rce proudly places itself ‘At your service’, should you find yourself needing quick and quality solutions in working with and or apart from young people.

For maximum impact there should be focus on prevention and low to medium level intervention. To achieve this for your school we offer a proven package of In-reach and offsite provision.

In Reach

In-reach give you access to our whole staff team and services. These include parenting courses, staff development and an array of engagement programmes which can be used flexibly for 24 days of the year.

Off-site provision

Our off-site educational provision will offer each feeder school (for example) 4 places which can be used over two days each week i.e., Tues or Thurs, 4 people on 1 day, or 2 people on 2 days). The provisions offer will be based on the individual needs of the school and young people, and will seek to support academic and personal development as well as raise attainment and support wellbeing.

Scope of engagement

Your bespokeIMG_9124 service will usually start at the beginning of a school term and will run until the end of that term. Our Lead project worker will liaise regularly with your designated point of contact to plan and evaluate the on going program ensuring that it meets the needs of both the young people and the school.

Additional services

The scope of our work will be limited to the matters set out in our engagement agreement. However, this does not preclude us from examining other areas of work which may arise during the course of the engagement or which you particularly wish us to consider. Should you require any additional services, we will be happyto discuss any request with you.

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